Llandow Circuit
Llandow Circuit
Llandow, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan
South Wales, UK CF71 7PB

Tel: 01446 796460
Email: info@llandow.com

Driving Experiences

Q. Do I need a driving licence to drive?
A. A licence is not required, all that we ask is that non-licence holders are a minimum of 5 feet tall.

Q. Do I get to drive the car?
A. Yes. You will drive the car, this is not a passenger experience. You may also be able to purchase passenger laps on the day subject to availability.

Q. Is there a minimum age?
A. The minimum age is 12 years old

Q. Can I have a passenger?
A. As most of the cars are two-seater sports cars and you must have an instructor with you at all times we are afraid that there is no room for passengers.

Q. Will all the cars listed be there on the day?
A. Though we endeavour to ensure that all cars are available on the day, we reserve the right to remove cars should they be unavailable due to mechanical reasons.

Q. Are the cars manual or automatic?
A. We have a selection of both manual and automatic cars. Exact numbers will vary on the day.

Q. Can I bring spectators?
A. Spectators are welcome and we have a cafe they can use on site!

On the Day

Aside from everyone having a great time? Well, once every attendee/experience voucher holder has arrived and signed on for their particular experience, there’s a group briefing/induction outlining the do’s and don’ts; so everyone’s aware of what they can and cannot do once they go outside to play with the machines they’ve chosen to have their experience in. Health and safety issues are also covered, so that everyone knows the script. Once this is out of the way, then the attendees will be called out and taken to be familiarised with the machines/vehicles in which they’ve opted to have their experiences in.

With a fully qualified and experienced instructor close at hand, all attendees will receive appropriate training and instruction on how to safely enjoy their particular experience, before they receive the green light to go. Metaphorically-speaking that is. We don’t actually have a Formula 1 style starting grid for those participating in either the supercar or skid car driving experiences.

Then it’s simply a case of having the experience. Living the experience. Call it what you want, but rest assured it will be a memorable experience.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?
A. Yes. Please bring along your voucher.

Q. Do I need to wear anything?
A. Flat shoes should be worn, high heels are not recommended. Be sure to bring along some warm clothing as some of the venues are quite exposed.

Q. Can I do extra laps?
A. Yes. Extra laps are available for a small fee. You may also upgrade your choice of car at an additional cost.

Q. Can I take my own car on the circuit?
A. Yes. For a small fee one of our instructors will accompany you around the circuit.

Q. How long will I be there?
A. You should allow three hours at the venue.

Q. Can I bring spectators?
A. Yes. Spectators are welcome.

Q. Are animals allowed on site?
A. As motorsport is dangerous, please do not bring your pets along.

Q. What happens if the weather is bad?
A. We operate in sunny or rainy days, however in the highly unlikely event of a cancellation we will re-book you onto the next available, mutually convenient, date.

Q. Am I able to purchase food / drinks on site?
A. Yes, we have a cafe on site.

Q. Are we allowed to bring cameras?
A. Yes. We welcome anyone who wants to take pictures to remember their special day.

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